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This is a number of family and material pleasures. They are about the well being of their families to the point of being overprotecting of them. It deals in sensuality, and care must be taken not to overly indulge the senses. Otherwise, your creativity may suffer. Your overflowing love showers all those around you and you always have plenty to give to others, whether it be your love, your help or your time. This number usually has outstanding health unless it indulges in the senses. It often gets married and has an abundant family. It must remember to remain flexible in the face of changes. 41 represents fertility in all its forms.



The builder has ideas it wants to try out. These ideas overflow for others to take benefit from, which is one of the reasons why this is a great family number. It needs to be doing something useful, indicated by the 1 which stands for productive action. Being unproductive kill sits drive, which is too often caused by the scattering of energies in many directions, as indicated by the -3. Self indulgence is another danger, and this includes the common vices such as alcohol, sex and food. They generally try to create a loving environment that others can find peace in.


You must learn how to best use your fertility. This comes in many forms: new ideas, many children, an abundant family or perhaps an innovative business. Care must be taken not to abuse any of these gifts, especially of the senses. Others will look to you for your help.

SELF 41/5

You are more than likely a family man or in the very least desire a family. You may do well in business or in any endeavor where innovative thinking is required. You must learn to keep an eye on your health, as it is a great reflection of your actions.

HEART 41/5

You have a loving heart and willing to do anything for those that are close to you. At the same time, the sensual life may be a great desire for you and one will need great self discipline to control these emotions. Try not to be too emotionally overbearing on others.

MIND 41/5

Your mind is full of ideas. As long as you keep others in mind, these ideas can come into fruition. It is important to put your ideas into practice and keep yourself busy, otherwise laziness results. There may be challenges here to keep one self in the morally right.


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