compound numbers


The 43 likes to work alone, oftentimes in an isolated capacity. It uses its mind to analyze and solve problems, and to also create and execute projects in the [...]


The self in temperance. This number has an impulse for freedom, but often comes across limitations when its not looking. Hence, 14 tends to have a "stop and [...]


The self in transformation. It begins with an idea, gathered from the creativity of meeting other selves and realizing that, through the experiences of good [...]


The 1 in relation to others. After negotiating with the other self can the 1 relate to the other selves. This is the basic building block of culture, the self [...]


The number 35 demands constant action and change. It travels constantly as it cannot stand to be cooped up in one place for long. It needs freedom and [...]


34 is a very practical and formal number. It does not like to step outside of the personality it shows others, though breakdowns may occur behind closed doors. [...]


The number 31 is a creative force seeking to establish itself upon the material plane. It is skillful in organizing people together into a cohesive whole, and [...]


The number 29 serves as a Master Number. This number demands more than others do. It is very demanding, but it is also very indecisive and anxious. It needs to [...]


18/9 is about the balance between materialism and the spiritual ideal. Unfortunately, most often the former is more recognized. In either case, wherever the 18 [...]