Thank you for your interest in purchasing a Numerology reading! Readings are offered on a first come first serve basis. Each is typed personally and not automated by special software. Because of this, all reports may take up to two business days to write and deliver. Unless otherwise noted, all readings will be sent as .docx files via email when completed. A reading is per individual. Any additional individuals (i.e. family members) will require a separate payment for each individual requested. By purchasing a report, you accept the Disclaimer and Privacy Policy.

Please note that only personal names and dates are accepted. No corporate readings are offered at this time.

Basic Chart – $10

The Basic Chart includes 5 Core Numbers: your Life Path (where you’re going and how to approach life), the Self (or full name which explains one’s overall constitution), the Heart or Soul (general emotional desires), the Persona (how the mind operates and how you physically operate in the world) and the Goal (the aspiration to be achieved). A personal interpretation of the chart is included.

The Diamond – $10

The Diamond of your birth date and birth name are calculated and the results are interpreted. This includes the Life Path with its Crown & Root, the Self and its Crown & Root along with the Diamond Numbers of each. This reading does not include any other Core Numbers.