Nick’s Numerology respects your privacy. All personal information is kept stored on a secure intranet network and is not distributed to any third parties or any vendor outside of this network. Nick’s Numerology does not sell your personal information to any mailing lists, marketers, data miners or anyone outside of the Nick’s Numerology network. Only the client or an individual authorized to speak on behalf of the client may request access to his/her personal information and any personal readings ordered.

Data Retention
The personal information of the client which includes the full name at birth, date of birth and personal readings derived from said information are indefinitely retained on a secure intranet network. This data is only used to archive personal information alongside any personal readings ordered with the exception of system testing (see next section) and are not used for any other reason. A clients data including personal information and/or any personal readings may be removed from the network upon request by the client or an individual authorized to speak for the client through email communication.

System Testing
Occasionally, Nick’s Numerology performs tests using experimental systems of divination to determine their accuracy and potential use. By default, a clients personal data including any readings ordered will not be used for such purposes. However, if a client opts in to have their supplied personal information used for such testing, their data will be used for such purposes as calculating and determining core numbers and aspects in systems yet to be made public. Under no conditions will the clients data used in such experimental systems be made public nor disclosed publicly. Should the client no longer wish to have his/her data to be used in such testing, they may request the removal of said data from all future testing of experimental systems by sending an email to Nick’s Numerology.

As Nick’s Numerology uses PayPal to process payments, the financial information of a client including but not limited to credit card numbers, debit card numbers and bank account numbers are not stored on the Nick’s Numerology network. Data that is retained includes the product purchased, name of the client and the amount charged.