Numbers only explain the Physical
The majority of Numerology presented today is based upon the calculation of one’s birth name and birth date in order to extract the Life Path in one’s life along with understanding the Self (Destiny, Full Name, etc.), the Heart (Soul, Heart’s Desire) and so on. It is thought that numbers can help describe how we operate and what our future holds for us. Numerology is marketed as a simple, no brain method of figuring all of this out for an individual. Of course, in reality things aren’t that easy.

I take a completely different perspective to Numerology. Mindlessly adding up digits of a name and saying “well, that’s what I am” is not how most things in life really work. Numbers in and of themselves are an objective and subjective language used to explain the mathematics and geometry of nature along with patterns that signal where we stand in life. By that extension, numbers are every part of the physical illusion of which we all take part. As a result, numbers, being of the physical cannot explain the immaterial inner self that dwells within all of us and it is important to make this distinction. The Numerology that applies to the name is for the human body only and is not for the soul that may inhabit it. The physical is a reflection of the spiritual, but not its delineator.

Therefore, when a core aspect as listed below is delineated, it is to be presumed on this site to be an aspect of the human body and not the inner self. The soul is here to learn the lessons of its incarnation and the numbers obtained can indicate said lessons, but do not describe the soul itself.

Calculating the Chart
In Numerology, a chart is calculated using a person’s full birth date and full name given at birth, as it appears on one’s birth certificate. The numbers that result can spell out a person much like code in a computer program. The key is being able to read the code as it pertains to each person.

The first thing to explain are the 7 Core Numbers. These numbers more or less reflect your current situation of your incarnational existence. These are the Life Path, the Self and the Experience, the Heart and Heart’s Key, the Mind and Mind’s Key. Four of these have been described on this blog already, and the other three will be in the future. The idea of the use of simultaneous material and spiritual realities is a relatively new concept, first being presented by Richard Andrew King. It is a brilliant breakthrough that shines out above the cookie cutter process that’s too prevalent throughout much of Numerology. The base numbers describe fundamental parts of ourselves, while the material numbers describe the material everyday reality that we encounter while walking our Life Path. All of these numbers are calculated using the Pythagorean system by default, unless asked otherwise.

Each result is then analyzed to determine personality characteristics. In many other Numerological systems, the final result is reduced to a single digit in a process called digital rooting. The intention behind this is to simplify the result for the person so they can more easily understand their characteristics. The problem with this method is that simplification comes at a cost to accuracy. With only nine single digits to work with, accuracy is reduced to “one size fits all” blanket statements that can only at best abstractly describe an individual through generalized descriptions for a particular number.

Compound Number Analysis

In Nick’s Numerology, the original number is retained and analyzed thoroughly. The analysis of the compound number adds many dimensions that are otherwise absent from the process of reduction. The anatomy of how a compound number is analyzed is below:


X refers to the outer digit (being of a number 1 through 9) which describes the overall makeup of the number and its general qualities. Y is the digit that X focuses upon. For example, in the number 31, the 3 (mundane creativity, sociability, joy of living) is focused upon the 1 (individuality, self reliance, original thought). The results of this focus come in two forms: +z and -z, a positive and negative reaction which represents the duality of all things. The positive reaction represents the positive aspects of a single digit, and the negative reaction represents the negative aspects of a single digit. In this example, 3 + 1 = 4, the positive reaction being strength and stability in the face of limitation. The negative reaction is 3 – 1 = 2, being a lack of cooperation with others, war, strife and deceit. This duality can be expressed within a number of archetypes, such as positive being one expression of love while negative being one expression of fear and so forth. In this case, 4 representing commitment, strength and loyalty, and the 2 representing the fear of others.

In another example, let’s take a birth date of January 5, 1980. The final calculation results in the number 24. Through digital rooting, the 24 is reduced by adding both digits together until a single digit is achieved, in this case 2 + 4 = 6. The 6 would then be used as a blanket statement for the individual, reducing the potential accuracy the number 24 could offer. So now, using Nicks Numerology we would examine the anatomy of 24.


The 2, the feminine cooperative number is focusing on limitations, work, stability and strength. This is a very loving number as indicated by the +6, which rules the heart, commitments, morality and responsibility. This aspect will be challenged by relationship issues, deceit and potential treachery. The -2 indicates conflicts with others. This is just an overview of the number to illustrate the point I had outlined earlier. However, one can now see a glimpse into the anatomy of compound numbers with this method.

As the numbers increase in value from 2 to 3 digits and beyond, the complexity grows in proportion. For a number such as 125:

125 = 8

The 1 is not only focusing on two numbers at once, but the positive and negative numbers are more complex in calculation. The digital rooting process is also different from the +1 and -2, being 8. This type of understanding requires one to first master the use of 2 digit numbers as the single digit results are no longer directly from the source number, but are derived from it in a tree. However, using our previous examples, one may imagine how this +1 operates (like a 37) and how the 2 operates (like a -13).

Through the use of these compound numbers, we can get a better sense of who we are in relation to the rest of the world and our place in it.

  1. Hi Nick. You say there are the cores, Life Path, The Self, The Heart and the Mind.

    Is the self the personality, the heart the destiny, and the mind the soul urge. I know we have the cores Life Path, Soul Urge, Birth Day, Personality and the Destiny.

    Thank you for clarifying as I am used to reading other the later language when I read sites. So to clarify which is which and why they are named that…that would be much appreciated.

    • Hi there, I apologize for the lack of clarification. The Life Path is the traditional Life Path known in most Numerological systems. The Self is also known as the Expression or full name number. The Soul is known as the Hearts Desire in some systems or the Soul Urge. The Mind is known as the Personality in most Numerological systems, sometimes called the Hidden Self. I hope that helps.

  2. Hi Nick,
    Do you feel comfortable doing a numerology session for me as I am about to change my name (for the second time) very soon and I wanted to make sure it was not going to clash with my birthdate.

    • Hi there, unfortunately I am not too comfortable conducting personal readings at this time, but thank you for your interest.

  3. Hi Nick,
    I am planning a grand opening of my organic cosmetic retail and day spa.
    the date is Oct 14, 2014
    I think I added it right and it appears to be a 33 ? Is this a good number
    for a grand opening and am I correct that this a master number or is it a 6?
    I enjoy reading you blog / thank you in advance ( my birth path no 53 ) :)))

  4. Hi Nick. I read numerous numerology websites and find your interpretations very much different and unique. The other sites felt as though they copied and pasted… Could u help me take a look what is my life path? There are many different ways of calculations and I’m quite confused. My birthdate is 29/03/1979. Thank you.

    • Hi Tee, the positive and negative of a compound number works as follows. Your Life Path is 35. Adding 3 + 5 = 8, and subtracting 3 – 5 = -2. The explanation for 35 is found here. I hope that helps.

  5. My life path comes to 33/6.. I still don’t understand what it all means… Some clarification would be greatly appreciated 🙂 And my partner is 42/6 and I didn’t like reading that they have a tendency to die young 🙁

    • Please refer to the article written on 33/6:

      A side note: The 33/6 article is a bit too biased toward the negative and should be rewritten. That aside, the danger with 33/6 is the scattering of energies. Focus is required to complete projects. Otherwise, it is highly social in nature. Hope that helps.

  6. Hi Nick, thanks so much for your reply. Sorry for my late reponse. Can i ask if the life path number the most important of all numbers? Thank you.

    • Hi Clara, the Life Path can be seen as a generalized summation of one’s chart and so it is used most often to describe someone’s “number.” Many Numerologists would see it as the most important number, but personally I find each number to carry their own level of importance, depending on what one is looking for in a chart. The 7 Core Numbers all have importance, it is just that the Life Path sums up what life throws at an individual (at least externally) and is thus often said to be the most important in regards to understanding one’s life. Hope that helps.

  7. Hi Nick, thanks so much for the explanation.
    I am reading through your posts on the 7cores.
    I changed my name on my ID few years ago.
    Do I use my current full name on my ID to calculate “Self” number? Or do I need to use my birth certificate names to calculate? I am an Asian and my birth cert shows two sets of full names. I’m sorry that I ask so many questions….

    • Hi Clara, the full name on the birth certificate is used to calculate the Self number. If the two names are identical, then using one will suffice. Hope that helps.

  8. Hi Nick, my self number is 60/6. I read through your description for this number. Is it meant for every core relating to 60/6? Sorry for asking so many questions…

    • Hi Clara, yes the 60/6 description is a generalization that at the time of this writing attempts to cover each of the 7 core numbers. The number is meant to be used depending on where it is found. For example, 60/6 as the Self number is seen in the perspective of one’s natural attributes and skill sets. And thank you for asking, it shows more thorough explanations are needed. Hope that helps you.

  9. Hey Nick,

    Is there a way to know if your name related numbers are balanced with your life path number?

    My birth date is Dec 29, 1992 making me 35/8.


    • Hi Christian, the perspective I take is that the balance between numbers comes from one’s individual will, and that any number combination can swing between positive, negative and all the grey areas in between depending on this will. That being said, one can look into number compatibility (which will be in my upcoming ebook) to determine how two numbers get along with each other, in what areas of existence and how their positive and negative poles will manifest. One can get an idea of how this works by reading the compound number entries.

      Relating numbers to others in different areas of the chart is an important aspect of understanding how one’s profile works. For example, the Heart’s Key and the Mind’s Key show how the Heart and the Mind relate to the Life Path and how the resulting number can make one use the best of these abilities. Hope that helps.

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