Thank you for your interest in my work. Below, please find the ebooks that I have published so far. I do not write any of this for profit as Numerology is a hobby of mine, so all ebooks are offered free of charge. However, if you feel my work is worth another amount then feel free to donate using the Paypal link on the front page. You can view the ebooks in your browser by clicking the title of each eBook or you can download them by right-clicking and choosing “Save As…”

It should be said that my writing style can be rather spartan and I do not take liberties to enhance my material with fluff, so what is written is what I felt what needed to be said. I do not promote hand holding in my works and expect the reader to figure the calculations on their own. However, if you do need assistance or if you like to provide feedback you can either leave a comment below or email me here.

Volume 1 – Casual Numerology

The first volume describes how to construct a casual Numerology chart using the most popular Numerology system (Pythagorean). This volume includes descriptions for the compound numbers up to 99 and explanations of the various degrees of compatibility between the base numbers. This book also explains techniques that have either not been used elsewhere or have seen little use, such as the “Toolbelt” and how compound numbers and up form “diamonds.” Released May 25, 2017.

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