Update 6

There's been a lack of updates for about a month or so and this is due to various reasons, personal and financial that altogether took my time away from [...]

Volume 2 update

It seems the original goal of releasing Volume 2 by the end of June will not come to fruition for various reasons, personal as well as finding new discoveries [...]

Host Migration 2

The site is currently in the process of migrating to a new host which should take a few days to complete. There may be a few website hiccups until this is [...]

Volume 1 – Casual Numerology Published

So after months of delay and over a year in production, the first volume of Nick's Numerology has finally been published! This volume explores the basic [...]

Update 5

A status update on the Numerology ebook: it is nearly complete, only needing to patch a few potholes, some editing and to secure a publisher. This has lasted [...]

Update 4

The compound numbers having been completed, I have moved on to the next phases of the Nick's Numerology project. An ebook is currently in progress which will [...]

Host Migration

The site has successfully moved to a new host and all posts and comments have been migrated into the new blog. Some things may be tweaked around for the next [...]

Update 3

Well...after a considerable length of time without posting, it is safe to say that due to perusing other interests, the Numerology book will not be written. I [...]

Update 2

Another update...I've been hard at work with a new Numerological system while using the addition/subtraction techniques described in this blog. So far the [...]


Hello readers...it's been some time since the last post on this blog (2012), but I have been working on some new things (not only blog related) which will be [...]