Single Numbers

System 11

This system is one of the many that were invented, all with the goal of finding the most accurate Numerological divination system. Many did not hold a candle [...]

Personal Cycles

Like the great Mayan wheels of the Tzolk'in, Numerology has its own wheels that revolve about each other following numerical patterns. These range from [...]

The Diamond

Numerology has been a hobby of mine for the past 13 years at the time of this writing and new ways of interpretations always come by to experiment with. The [...]


With enough interconnection, one begins to realize the unity of all things, which is when 9 steps onto the stage. Representing the world, the 9 is [...]


After successfully implementing what was learned with the 7, the 8 integrates within themselves along with its ideas into the external world. It s the testing [...]


The 7 is often alluded to as the number of mystery. Indeed, it is the base number of the spiritual self and its analysis. After learning about the ways of love [...]


The 6 is a loving number caught within itself, after experiencing all there was to know about the 5. While responsible and caring for others, they are also [...]


After working with the detailed and often arduous labor of understanding the fundamental systems of nature, 5 seeks to break out of that routine and see what [...]


The number 4 may not be the easiest number to live with, but it offers many advantages that the other single digits do not have. It is a number that likes [...]


The 3 is all about being creative. The first buds from the seed planted in 1 finally shoot from the ground. It is the growth of something already started, a [...]