My name is Nicholas Audette and I’ve been a Numerologist for the past 13 years. Beginning with the work of Richard Andrew King in 2004, I have en massed a collection of over 100 books dealing with the subject and have experimented with dozens of Numerological systems, all in order to most accurately delineate a person’s profile. My numerological system is continually evolving as the very word Numerology dictates (55/1, the ultimate creator), but now the process has become more refined with a greater sense of accuracy noted in my clients. In the future, I hope to release a written work detailing the processes I take so those interested may do the calculations themselves without having to pay myself or another for a chart.

In the past, I have done only private consultations with friends and family. However, in the future I plan on offering public consultations across the web in a variety of packages. As of mid 2017 things are starting to fall into place and I am hoping to offer private consultations by the end of August 2017. Thank you for your patience.

Please note that I do not offer corporate consultations. Thank you.

  1. Great work! I’ve seen other LP explanations, but yours are very complete and (for me personally spot-on). Looking forward to hearing about your book.
    Kevin 31/4

  2. So glad I stumbled upon you. I have read a lot on numerology, and easily acknowledge that you are a master in the making. Do publish your book – you have the power to gift self-insight to others. I cannot think of anything more meaningful.

  3. Oh man…. we need ta have a little chat sometime. I seriously thought I was going crazy. I got a ? that’s kind of crazy. I rrad Tarot, past yr been studying #s. Wondering if we could maybe swap an email or two..
    Im Tara… full name is 22.11.11/44/8
    I’ve had a LOT of spiritual experience’s since age of 11 and have had this weird thing counting 11,22,33 since I can remember. Im kind of stuck after I startedon’t seeing the #11.11 all the time.I starred reading up on numbers and what it all means. Needless to say….. MIND BLOWN
    I read Tarot, hoping you could help me understand how 1 1 =2. (I see II)
    2 9 = 11. I have a major arcana goddess tarot named Tara that the book lists as 22/ 0
    How the heck does that work??

    • Hi Tara, to have Master Numbers in a chart doesn’t automatically destine one to greatness. There is a common delusion out there that states to have many Master Numbers in a chart is to be more special than anyone else from the crowd. This is nothing more than self gratification, often times to feel better due to one’s life situation. Master Numbers bring significant challenges which are greater than standard compound numbers. While they can make one rise above ordinary numbers, they also have deeper pitfalls than other numbers do.

      Your name Tara equals 13 and your last name is 29. There is no way Tara can equal 22. I fail to see the “22.11.11/44/8” equation here. 29 can be reduced to its first persistence level of 11, yes, but that is not the whole story of the number. The whole compound numbers are used in this system. It is important not to reduce numbers just to see what you want to see.

      Numerology and the Tarot are not totally cross compatible. They are separate divination systems not meant to mingle with each other. As far as 11 equaling 2, that’s easy: 1 + 1 = 2, the same way you reduced 29 to 11. Its like saying 4 + 4 = 8. But again, Numerology and Tarot are different systems. One should not superimpose one over the other. Hope that helps.

  4. Hi Nick,
    I’m wondering if you have ever read Numerology & the Divine Triangle, by Faith Javanne & Dusty Bunker. They also espouse Pythagorean Numerology, although their explanation differs from yours in many ways. For example, in it, the numbers 1-78 are each aligned with both the 78 cards of the Tarot & the 78 planets, signs & decans of the Zodiac. If you have not read it, I am positive you would at least find it fascinating, if not something more. It is my personal Bible, if I were inclined to choose one. My mother, who is Thai, taught me to read fortunes with playing cards when I was a child. Cartomancy is generally recognized as a Gypsy tradition, but my mother learned it from her mom, and so on. So how does a Gypsy divination art make its way deep into SE Asia? Who knows? Read the book, I highly recommend it.

    • Hi Monica, I have read Numerology and the Divine Triangle and it is one of the source books I use for the compound numbers. It is an excellent book in many ways, as it combines not only Numerology but also Tarot and Astrology all together. That being said, everything hinges on one’s calculation of one’s chart which can yield different compound numbers depending on the methods used. For me, this book was one of the major stepping stones to the current and upcoming systems being utilized as understanding the creation is an ongoing process. Still, one cannot deny it’s importance. Thank you for your words.

  5. Hi Nick, I too have the Divine Triangle and I used their method to calculate my life path number. According to their math, I got 33/6 as mine. My birthday is 9/5/1981 and birth name Rachel Alicia Ferguson, I want to know if that method is correct. Another calculator has given me 15/6? Can you please tell me which one is accurate I am so curious to know. I know the Divine Triangle uses your name as well with bday to calculate, while the other site I used didn’t. Thanks Nick! Have a good one 🙂

    • Hi Rachel, the life path with the birth date specified is a 33/6 as calculated using the most common method. In a Numerology chart, it is typical to include both the birth date along with the birth name for the full divination. Hope this helps.

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