System 11

This system is one of the many that were invented, all with the goal of finding the most accurate Numerological divination system. Many did not hold a candle to a personal profile, however some did lend themselves to some accuracy and System 11 is one of those. This one in particular left me very curious when I first discovered it, offering a new perspective that did not exist before. That is one of the reasons why so many systems were invented to begin with, to attempt to understand each facet of the crystal of our reality so to speak.

The table for System 11 is found below:


The idea is to count each 11th letter and rotate around the alphabet until each letter has an assigned value.

You could also use the compound number equivalent for each letter (F=10, etc.) to further experimentation, but for this example the numbers are digitally rooted to single digits. Let’s see how Adrian Goodwill (Life Path 28) stacks up:

56 Heart's Key60 Persona's Key
28 Life Path60 Self88 Experience
28 Heart32 Persona

Very different results from the System 13 experiment. The 88 Experience stands out quite a bit along with the increased focus on the number 28.

This system becomes increasingly interesting when the Alternate Life Path (ALP) is employed, from my experience. Taking Adrian’s ALP of 36, the following chart is constructed:

64 Heart's Key68 Persona's Key
36 Life Path60 Self96 Experience
28 Heart32 Persona

The 96 Experience is totally different from the 88 Experience in the other chart. The Key’s are also different than their counterparts. In cases like this, the most accurate chart is followed although in my experience the ALP chart is the more accurate with this system.

Overall, I was quite pleased with the results. Many months were spent analyzing the results and whether the numbers were an accurate reflection of what we are experiencing. I feel now that it is one of many systems that could offer this and that no one system can show the full picture. Rather, the picture comes in pieces and it is up to us to assemble it back together. This is a big piece to that picture.

  1. I find all of this very interesting, as I have been teaching myself clairvoyant practices such as numerology for the past few years, and this is the first time I have stumbled upon such a numerological system. The 11 system is very fascinating, as well as the ALP! If I am calculating my Life Path through the common modern technique of simply adding the digits of the month, then my LP is 4, but using the ALP, my LP is 9. I find this interesting because I’ve always felt a deep connection to the number 9 and I wondered why it doesn’t appear in my numerology chart more often. Also, the number 3 would appear in my chart more often (which is a number I also feel very attracted to), because my birthday is October 12, translating into 33+12, or 333, or 9. Using the 11 system, my Name Number is 3, but using the common modern technique, my name number is 1 (which is a number I am not too fond of because I tend to be attracted to its negative qualities, as opposed to its positive side). Thank you for this post! Your blog is very useful, and lately I’ve felt as though the same-old number system hasn’t been working for me, so reading your experimental out-of-the-box methods is very refreshing and insightful!

    • Hi Joi, thank you for taking the time to comment. It is great to hear that these experimental systems of calculation are opening up new insights into your understanding of self. System 11 and the ALP are both methods I have used over and over with very interesting results. With the ALP, it is typically used with the numerological system in question, not just Pythagorean which means there will always be two different possible Life Paths to ponder over. Again, thank you for your words. I am planning on posting more numerological systems here in the future.

  2. When you use ALP with this “System 11” method, the month “JUNE” is not 14 anymore right? It becomes 31… Nick if you can kindly clarify. Thanks!

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