Readings now available!

I have now started to offer readings. If interested, just click the link in the menu above and you’ll be taken to a page of options. At this time, basic readings are offered, such as Life Path, Self number and the basic Numerology chart. At this time, I accept PayPal for payments though have been looking into offering Bitcoin in the future as well. Once purchased, just drop me an email of the name and/or date you’d like to have looked at.

Over time, more readings will become available as this matures. Please note that the fee applies for each name calculated, so if one wants to calculate not just themselves but one’s family members, the fee is then stacked. However, considering the exorbitant amount of money that many Numerologists charge for a chart (often over $100 a piece) I feel this is a bargain. Thank you for your patience and I look forward to working with you!

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