Update 6

There’s been a lack of updates for about a month or so and this is due to various reasons, personal and financial that altogether took my time away from Numerology as a whole. Things have cleared up and I am getting back into the swing of it again. What occurred has had mixed results: the second ebook is not yet completed of course, though the deadline is slated for the end of August. On the other hand, I have received word from my states Department of Revenue that what I’ll be offering in the future is tax exempt, which means the final hurdle has been cleared and I will be offering readings before the end of the month as well. That being said, since no taxes have to be collected (also receiving very few donations in ratio with the ebook downloads) I will start charging the ebooks in the near future as well. This may be a pay what you want model as mentioned on a previous update. Regardless of what happens, the prices should be cheap since I know a lot of people have a limited budget, and also because I’m not one to throw on fancy covers or any of that. Stay tuned!

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