System 13

It is not often told, but in reality there are many Numerological systems out there that can be used. Not all were designed for personal divination and many only serve specific purposes such as Gematria for instance. Over the years I have experimented with many of these systems to determine if they could be used for divination regardless of their purpose, mainly out of curiosity. One of the systems that I have kept is what I have dubbed “System 13.” When I originally found it on a now lost website around a decade ago, it was called “13 Goddess” but provided no explanation as to why it was named that way. It was renamed accordingly and I used it for some time, on and off. It still remains a curiosity to this day and will be presented as it is below.

The system is similar to the Pythagorean system that much of Numerology uses, in that there is sequential counting in determining the value of the letters involved. However, instead of moving in sequence from 1 to 26 and digitally rooting the totals, the 26 letters are split up into two groups of 13 as follows:


The compound numbers in this case are retained and not reduced when translating a name. They are placed as is below the name and added accordingly just like the other single digit numbers. So, taking the example of Adrian Goodwill (with 28 Life Path) as always, the following chart is created.

52 Heart's Key134 Persona's Key
28 Life Path79 Self107 Experience
24 Heart55 Persona

Adrian’s chart in Pythagorean is below:

60 Heart's Key68 Persona's Key
28 Life Path72 Self100 Experience
32 Heart40 Persona

Aside some the differences the only way to know which chart is more accurate is to actually know the person in question. Since Adrian is a fictional character, there is no way to tell which chart is more accurate than the other. This is presented here in the event a reader is curious to see the differences between other’s charts themselves.

Also, given the Alternate Life Path article I wrote a few weeks ago, this could be combined with System 13 to create a totally different Life Path. In Adrian’s case, this results in 46 instead of 28, so while the compound number is different the digital root is not. The Alternate Life Path can be used with any system that translates letters into numbers, really.

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