Personal Cycles

Like the great Mayan wheels of the Tzolk’in, Numerology has its own wheels that revolve about each other following numerical patterns. These range from universal cycles that all experience to personalized cycles for each individual. These cycles influence the world and its happenings and can drive us toward behaviors otherwise not contemplated previous. An awareness of these cycles can allow one the opportunity to harness the greater potential they offer and live consciously and aware of their effects. After all, numbers are a language of the universe and can reveal the many patterns nature undergoes as it strives to become more aware of itself.

The most well known cycles in Numerology are derived from the birth date. They tell how one’s experience will be like in certain moments of one existence. They are an influence and tell how one should treat the day, month or year in regards to their own chart. For example, a day of 1 tells to initiate a project or to be assertive or to rely on one’s self for that particular day.

There are mainly two cycles to follow from the birth date: Universal and Personal. These two are further broken down into yearly, monthly and daily cycles that all flow into each other as time passes. This makes 6 cycles in total.

Universal Year

Calculating the current Universal Year is simple: just add the current year to a compound number. For example, 2017 would be 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10. This digitally roots to 1, the year of new beginnings and self reliance. The 7 in 2017 indicates a change in consciousness and inner understanding and indeed, many would note a massive shift in consciousness has occurred during this year. Sustaining one’s self is highlighted especially, with the economic instability, increasing insanity and problems related to the weather. People will become more introverted this year and may be forced to face longstanding problems.

Personal Year

The Personal Year works alongside the Universal Year and indicates how the Universal Year will affect an individual personally. This is calculated by adding your birth month and birth day to the current Universal Year. For example, taking the birth date of June 13, 1980 the Personal Year in 2017 would be 6 + 1 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 20. This is a sensitive number that is about growing and developing what was started in the previous year, and to also start, evolve and/or terminate current relationships. It is a low key year for this birth date and it is not advisable to start anything new. Instead, helping others will lead one to grow into new areas not otherwise seen.

Universal Month

The Universal Month is calculated by adding the single digit of the month to the Universal Year number. For July 2017 for instance, this equates to 7 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 17. This is a month where material based advancements are undertaken and are the prime focus. These experiences can lead to new spiritual connections within the self or with the universe in general. It will not be as quiet as the previous month of June, in fact it can be tumultuous as projects long in the making can reach a head during this time.

Personal Month

The Personal Month is calculated by adding the Personal Year to the digit of the month in question. For the same birth date of June 13, 1980, the Personal month for July 2017 would be determined by adding the Personal Year of 20 to the number 7 for July. Thus, 20 + 7 = 27. This is a number dealing with endings and new beginnings simultaneously. It can be rather tumultuous. It is important to not hold on to anything with a death grip and to let things flow at this time.

Universal Day

This is found by adding the day number to the Universal Month. For July 1, 2017, this is done by adding together 17 (Universal Month) to 1 which equals 18. This is a day of endings and conflict should be avoided at all costs on this day, otherwise destruction could easily occur.

Personal Day

The Personal Day is found by adding the current day number to the Personal Month. For example, taking again the birth date of June 13, 1980 for the day July 1, the Personal Day would be 27 (Personal Month) + 1 = 28. This is a day to start new projects and be assertive. One may have to rely on one’s self for the day as others may not be supportive.

Calculation Summary

To sum up the calculations:

Universal Year: Adding the single digits of the year together.
Universal Month: Month number + Universal Year.
Universal Day: Day Number + Month Number.
Personal Year: Adding birth month and birth day to Universal Year.
Personal Month: Month number + Personal Year.
Personal Day: Day Number + Personal Month.

This section of Numerology can be more confusing to understand at first due to the difficulty of explaining the calculations simply. However, once understood they become easy to figure out and can be done on the fly.

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