The Diamond: A follow-up

This post is a follow up to the original one that described The Diamond. There, I explained how to calculate The Diamond using the digital roots and certain persistence levels of the given numbers. In this article, the full numbers will be used along with the specific calculations of one’s name as mentioned in Volume 1 – Casual Numerology. This is a more advanced and more intricate way of divination so it is definitely not for everyone.

The calculation is done the same as it was explained before, except that all numbers are left intact. Here the date of March 27, 1983 will be used as the example.


As you can see, this becomes far more complex than the method outlined in the previous Diamond article. Each of the four digit numbers in turn requires one to calculate its own crown and root numbers. This in turn leads one to require an understanding of this fundamental structure of numbers. For instance, the root 1952 has a sum of 8, a crown of 9 and a root of 3. The archetype of this root, being the 8 of respect, effort, interconnections aspires to achieve the 9 of worldly wisdom and compassion, while it itself is rooted in egotistical and vanity issues. The Diamond number is then calculated by adding all of the numbers above. This results in the number 10005, the overall goal.


10005 has a sum of 6, a crown of 6 and a root of 4. But, of course it is made up of 1 and 5 primarily so this number will be rather chaotic unless it disciplines itself.

But of course, it doesn’t stop there. The name can be calculated using the same method. For that, the same name from the previous article, Edith Rachel Manslow will be used. Instead of using the single digit numbers 1 through 9, instead the full value of the letters will be used as show below:


Taking the sums of each of the names:


Edith’s Specific Self number is 190 with crown of 1, sum of 1 and root of 1 (which is unusual due to three 1’s present). Her Crown is 237 which itself has a crown of 6, a sum of 3 and a root of 3. Her Root is 49 which sums to 4 and itself has a root of 5. In total, her Diamond number is 764. This itself has a crown of 5, sum of 8 and root of 1.

If there ever was such a thing as nit-picky details in Numerology, than this is it. One could say that this is delving too much in the details or is too nitty-gritty for mass consumption. I would somewhat agree and labeled this as experimentation as one of the reasons. This is an excellent exercise for the curious, however for the mainstream I consider this to be too much work and effort for fine detail work, not just to calculate but in understanding the results afterward. The Diamond calculations clearly show the equivalent of what could be considered looking under the microscope and studying the atoms of what makes up an object. However, while doing this, it is important to remember not to lose sight of the forest for its trees. The whole picture must be considered and the forest’s constituent parts seen and measured for what they are.

    • Hi Ted, according to this interpretation, it means the overall goal is the lessons regarding transformation whether of oneself or of ones reality. It also indicates a need for practicality and knowing the details of how reality operates. Being the Diamond number, this is a very broad makeup. Hope that helps.

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