The Alternate Life Path

There are many ways to calculate one’s Life Path: adding all single digits of the birth date straight across, adding the compound numbers of the birth date separately then adding them together, splitting the year into two numbers and so on. However, all of these methods rely on the assumption of the digit of the month: that is, the number of the month according to its place in the year. This is how it’s been traditionally done in the past: taking the placement of the month in the year. However, months have names, so why haven’t they been calculated and added in with the rest of the birth date? One could argue that it is due to the lack of accuracy that has been experienced with the more popular method. Still, this method remains a curiosity and has yielded some interesting results

In fact, the only author I could find that has done this previously is Steven Scott Pither in his book “The Complete Book of Numbers.” Instead of using the placement of the month in the year to calculate the Life Path, the letters of the month name are translated into numbers and added accordingly, much like when calculating one’s name. The result is then added together with the other single digit numbers of the birth date to reach what I have called the Alternate Life Path.

To make things simpler, the compound numbers pertaining to each of the months are listed below. Please note that these numbers only work for those with birth certificates in English. If one is born with a different language on the birth certificate, then that language would be used for the months instead.

January: 27
February: 42
March: 25
April: 29
May: 12
June: 14
July: 14
August: 17
September: 40
October: 33
November: 40
December: 37

So for instance, a birth date of December 17, 1983 would be calculated as follows:

40 + 1 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 3 = 69

The Alternate Life Path or “ALP” in this instance would be 69. Comparing this to the traditional Life Path calculation:

1 + 2 + 1 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 3 = 32

One can see the differences. In this case they are pretty major: the 6 and 5 archetypes are quite different. One can choose to read more about this Alternative Life Path and see whether the results apply more so than the traditional Life Path. An entire chart can be constructed around this Alternate Life Path if one desires to do so. Let’s take Adrian Goodwill as the example for this experiment. His birth date is June 13, 1980. His Life Path under the normal method is 28. With this number and his birth name, the following chart can be constructed:

60 Heart's Key68 Persona's Key
28 Life Path72 Self100 Experience
32 Heart40 Persona

However, with the alternate method this changes drastically. Using the same birth date:

14 + 1 + 3 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 0 = 36

His Life Path turns into 36 which is far more giving than his 28 Life Path. The following chart is then constructed:

68 Heart's Key76 Persona's Key
36 Alternate Life Path72 Self108 Experience
32 Heart40 Persona

This results in a greatly modified chart, Adrian’s Key’s and Experience being wholly different than his previous under the first Life Path. This also changes Adrian’s Toolbelt and his prime strengths and weaknesses so those must be checked as well.

Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide which Life Path (and the charts it helps to construct) feels more accurate than not. The ALP can offer an alternative to those that feel their original chart is not so accurate. It could be that the alternate method is less accurate than the original hence its rarity, however perhaps it can gleam into insights that could not be found otherwise and so it is presented here. This method also comes into play with the calculations that will be described in Volume 2.

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  1. hey, heres a twister, what if we took the numbers that represent the months as astrological signs, and the dates as the lunar mansion of which there are traditionally 27, 2+7=9…………interesting? then hell i guess just throw in the year hahahaha, idk about that one, but so you got 3 and 9, magic numbers, 12 signs, 12 months, idk, just an observation, and i did this for myself in the following way, oct 12 1978, so libra 7, purva bhadrapada, using the tropical zodiac version of the hindu lunar mansions so 25, then 1+9+7+8, then hahahaha, using ed petersons book, to delineate a reading, i come up with…..

    57  (Three of Swords)  I miss you.  I feel your pain.  My heart bleeds for you.  A heart tried by pain.  Harden not your heart.  If you know what hurts yourself, you know what hurts others.  Wearing your emotions on your sleeve.  There’s only so many tears you can cry.  Quit your whining.

    Peterson, Ed. Numerology (Kindle Locations 991-994). Kindle Edition.

    which certainly applies to my life, then again, i could be TOTALLY WRONG, just found it very interesting and thought i could share this, have a great ummmmmmmm……………. when you read it, haha that particular day, hahahaha ok enjoy!

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