Master Numbers: Their Stigma and True Purpose

(This is a bit of a preview of what will be included in Volume 2)

Double digit multiples of 11, otherwise called “Master Numbers” have been given intense focus throughout the history of Numerology. It was seen that, if somebody had one or more of these numbers in a chart then one was destined for greatness, or one would make money or be important or so on. The reasoning was that 11 and subsequent multiples are the only numbers that double with its self, that is 1 doubled with 1, 2 with 2 and so forth. There is a reason why this creates a tendency to not only achieve, but to reach lower depths than other numbers, and this will be covered in detail in Volume 2. For now, it can be said that Master Numbers follow the natural laws of creation which makes them draw closer to the great creative force of the universe. It is important to understand with Master Numbers that creation and destruction are the same thing. In either case something is being transformed. Change is the only constant in this universe and all is in motion, even that which may seem to not flow, which simply flows on a longer time scale.

This is said because those with Master Numbers often do not feel like they are the top of the world but instead are the lowest of the low. In truth Master Numbers turned into a marketing gimmick appealing to one’s ego, to tell one that they will be great, much like any cheap divination would say. This ignores how these numbers work in reality, and the difficulty in harnessing and understanding how they operate. Often times those who have Master Numbers will think they should live a big life, think they deserve more than they have, and all without having to do work on their part. This is the negative expression of Master Numbers. In truth, this negative expression is far more common than its positive expression. The material world does not give focus to the interior reality which is the true location of one’s seat of power, instead distracting one with endless broken promises and fleeting pleasures that never fulfill one’s desires within. In order to harness the positive expression of the Master Numbers, it is fundamental to realize that one has the choice of living from within themselves or to spend one’s life following and reacting to what lies outside of them. It is 100% one’s choice to react and have a given attitude about a situation, and when it is realized that these situations do not align with what lies inside and what is desired inside then things begin to change. It is these kinds of choices that can move one from negative to positive and vice versa.

Master Numbers are very empathetic and sensitive numbers according to the archetypes they represent (22, 55, etc), this being said it is fundamental to the balancing of a Master Number to also realize that the feelings and thoughts one sees on the outside are not theirs. Discrimination between one’s own thoughts and feelings and what lies outside of one’s self is absolutely necessary for balanced operation of these numbers. If a thought or feeling doesn’t feel right, then ask “is this really mine?” A natural desire does not need validation from an external source. These are just some of the first steps to take in order to regain control over one’s self and not be controlled by outside forces.

So, when one has Master Numbers in their chart, one should not rejoice and think that life will be easy and full of roses. It means that one has a greater connection to the creative forces of reality. In my next ebook, dubbed “Volume 2,” this principle along with the inner workings of the Master Numbers will be better explained.

  1. Life Path 11/2
    Destiny 22/4
    Maturity 33/6

    These are my numbers. Is this relatively ” rare” in numerology circles? Also, Natal Birth chart…Pentagram on
    Halloween Birthday

    • Hi Georgia, not as rare as one might think. I would also have to ask how the numbers were calculated as people have a tendency to try and line up Master Numbers for themselves, often employing different calculations for each position just to get what they desire.

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