The Diamond

Numerology has been a hobby of mine for the past 13 years at the time of this writing and new ways of interpretations always come by to experiment with. The Diamond is one of these interpretations. It is something that is not seen for what it is unless one has the eyes to see it. If one studies the Pinnacles in Volume 1 – Casual Numerology, then the Diamond can easily be seen for what it is.

The Diamond is essentially the given totality of a number, much like how one views a crystal and all its facets in its entirety. Traditionally, the digital root of a number is used to show the number’s archetype, such as with 53 (5 + 3 = 8), being a fast and social 8 unlike the 44 (4 + 4 = 8) which is more rigid and disciplined. The archetype is further shaped by the digits that make up the number before it. However, this is in truth a two dimensional view to understanding the number, as we will see.

As anyone who knows the Pinnacles can tell you, these form the shape of a Diamond once calculated. Take the date May 1, 1976 for example:


This concept does not have to be applied to just the birth date or to the name for example. It can also extend to numbers themselves. A compound number like 98 has a relatively simple diamond for example:


The Diamond has three main components: the crown, the archetype and the root. The Crown is the aspiration, what is to be achieved or realized. The archetype or digital root is the blueprint of understanding. The root is exactly that, what roots the number to the now and what must be learned and accepted before the crown can be achieved. In the case of two digit compound numbers, the crown is always the same as the archetype. Thus, 98’s crown and archetype is 8. Its root is 1, which gives this number a need to understand individuality, self esteem and attainment.

What is more experimental (at the time of this writing) is the Diamond number, that is every single digit of the Diamond added together into one sum. It is thought to give one a broad, universal understanding of this number. Persistence levels are ignored in this case and only the final digital root, or single digits are used. In 98’s case, its Diamond Number is 26. This is the self testing its own power within the illusion of physical reality. This is done by finding spiritual connection (17) with the greater portion of mankind and from there, all that there is.

For triple numbers and up, this becomes more complex. Take the number 126 for example:


Here, the Crown is 2, the Archetype 9 and the Root 3. The archetype is selfless in nature (9), but aspires to be cooperative and to connect on a spiritual, artistic level (38/11/2). However, its root is dealing with social attachment/detachment and flux (14/3) which it must first understand in order to achieve its aspiration. Understanding the fundamentals of loss is instrumental for this number. Overreacting will defeat its purpose. The Diamond Number here is 30, which emphasizes a need for proper expression, use of creative talents and learning positivity, which is done by experiencing the illusion explained above.

Quadruple numbers are even more complicated:


2147 has a crown of 6, an archetype of 5 and a root of 2. This shows that this number can be difficult to work with in modern day scenarios. It requires a good deal of balanced sensitivity and overcoming fears of others with attention to details, as shown by the 20/2 root. This sensitivity must work with its archetype of 5 which is changing and always on the move. All of this must aspire towards a crown of 87/6, which can be difficult on its own. This is the analysis of power and integrated structure requiring adjustments. There is nothing easy about this number, hence. There is much mental work rooted in others which can lead to some major changes. Its Diamond of 56 shows why this is so difficult. 56 is a number that seeks balance between change and experience with relationships and responsibility. It is known to be hard to work with by default, and the illusion presented is designed to help one learn one facet of how 56 operates.

It should be said that many numbers will have the same Diamond number, and this is simply one way of understanding that Diamond number. The universe itself has many facets to understand much like how different perspectives are different facets to our understanding of consciousness.

Calculating the Crown, Root and Diamond Numbers

To calculate one’s Diamond number for the birth date, take the birth date (in the order that it appears on the birth certificate) and add the first two numbers together. The result goes above between these two numbers. Next, add the last two numbers and put the result above. Finally, the previous two summations are both added together to reach the crown.

For calculating the root, the reverse is done: the first two numbers are subtracted together and the result placed below both numbers. The same is done for the last two numbers, and then both results are subtracted together to reach the root number.

The Life Path is then calculated as normal and placed on the same line as the birth date. This will show the path this will all take.

Finally, to calculate the Diamond number, take all of the numbers in the Diamond and add them together. This will give the totality or purpose to be learned, with the other numbers acting as catalyst towards this goal. For example, let’s take the date August 18, 1956 and calculate its 4 numbers.


For this birthdate, the Crown is 65, the Life Path 38, the Root 7 and the Diamond is 197. One can use the digital roots or archetypes of these numbers to get an easier (though less accurate) understanding, which in this instance would be 65/2, 38/2, 7 and 197/17/8. The first focus is the 197 as this shows the overall goal. This number can be further broken down with the same method:


197 has a crown of 26, a sum of 17 (as its first persistence level) and a root of 6. This is a very analytical number rooted in the archetype of responsibility, morality and ethics. This means that, before it can reach its aspiration it will have to understand this root number, which in turn is made up of 8 and 2 (82) which combined together give a sense for the need of accountability. The aspiration is 26, which is a number relating to soft power and its use thereof in relation to others. The goal of the 197 is understood by its aspiration in this sense. And, this number is the overall goal for the birth date above. So how is the 197 understood and realized?

By taking a 38 Life Path, one can understand the root of 7 which can then lead one to fulfill the aspiration of 65, which would then further the overall goal of 197. Given the digital roots of these numbers, the method in which the 197 is understood is done via subtle numbers (2, 2 & 7). There will be an intense need to understand how others operate and to cooperate with him to reach a common goal, though trust issues will likely hinder this (7 root) until this is understood for what it is. The path is 38, which connects with others on a deep level to aspire to reach 65, a good business number that can lead to commerce and large gains, but the root of 7 will always force it to analyze and listen to one’s self in regards to whether an individual is trustworthy or not, and it will bring a need to keep itself centered when things get hectic. 7 can be a warrior like number but as a root it cannot overdo this, especially with a 65 and 38 which rely more on cooperation than fighting. All of this contributes to understanding the 197. But remember, the same Diamond numbers can have different crowns, paths and roots. There are many ways in understanding such numbers.

The same thing can also be applied to one’s name, as is described in Volume 1 – Casual Numerology in regards to the Name Pinnacles. Like the birth date, the name is written out then the letters calculated into numbers. Then these numbers are added together in the same way as that found in the birth date. In this case, the Diamond is more personal and related more to one’s personal spiritual goal than the worldly goal found in the date. Using the fictional name of Edith Rachel Manslow:


Here, the Crown is 111, the Self 82, the Root 3 and the Diamond 312. The digital roots of these are 3, 1, 3 and 6 respectively. 111 is a triple Master Number that will be discussed more in the future. For now, it can be said that it is a very creative force that does its own thing and will suffer no submission to other’s arrangements. With the path of 82 this Diamond is a very formidable force. The root of 3 will have ego related issues and how others will perceive her. Image will be very important.

There is a lot to this experimental concept, a lot to calculate and many perspectives to wrap around but I feel it leads to a greater understanding of one’s goal in life. This is an ongoing process of understanding how numbers work and how to interpret what they are trying to say to us. This may change in the future depending upon its development, but for now I felt it is an interesting experimental feature to play around with.

  1. This is so interesting. I got a crown of 29 and root of 27 for my bd 10/7/1999, is it right? Can you tell me what the numbers mean?

    • Hi nivya, thank you for your comment. Your crown in this case is made up of a solid 52, your Life Path (or archetype) is 36 and your root is 18. If one were to work purely with the digital roots of these compound numbers, then 52 equates to 7, and this 7 is in turn made up of two 8’s (1+7=8 and 3+5=8). 36 equates to 9 and 18 equates to 9 as well, with the 18 being made up of two 3’s (3 and 2+1=3). A crown of 52, being made up of two 8 archetypes is someone aspiring to achieve an understanding of the interconnections of all reality, how everything is connected together. It is the understanding of a greater whole in essence. The root to this understanding is in the 18, being made up of two 3 archetypes. This indicates a need to first understand the need for organizing one’s thoughts and interests together, and to focus and discipline one’s creativity. The 18 lends itself to a certain detachment that can be used wisely in regards to understanding the fundamentals of one’s reality. Hope that helps!

  2. This is a new concept to me, which have not read elsewhere.

    So, I could not understand exactly what it meant to me. If you could explain for example for
    23 Sept. 1970, please.

    Thank you

    • Hi S, I have updated the post to include how to calculate one’s Diamond in the birth date, found in the middle of the post. Hopefully this will clear things up for you.

      If your birth date is written on your birth certificate as 23 Sept 1970, then one would write the numbers in this way: 23 9 17, 9 for September and 17 from adding the digits of 1970 together. 23 + 9 = 32. 9 + 17 = 26. 32 + 26 = 58. 58 is your crown number. Life Path is 2 + 3 + 9 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 0 = 31. Root is 23 – 9 = 14. 17 – 9 = 8. 14 – 8 = 5. The Diamond is adding all these numbers together except for the Life Path. The result in this case is 192. This is a creative number that is learning the balance between helping one’s self versus helping others. Sacrifice can play a role in this case. The 192 is the totality which is realized by the Crown of 58, Life Path of 31 and Root of 5 (or 4-4-5). This indicates a focus on practicality and self discipline in order to understand this creative potential. The root of 5 indicates dangers regarding addictions, changes and losses. It can act as an undercurrent that sweeps all else away unless one is disciplined and bends with the wind, much like the limbs of the tree. The 31 is a Path which sets out to construct something with the cooperation of others. It can bring discipline but also limitations if one denies this path. The crown of 58 indicates an aspiration to be a hard worker, it can be a force to be reckoned with as it exerts much energy and effort to get the job done. The danger there is going too fast, pacing is very important. All of these numbers add onto the goal of 192, juggling demands of others with your own, or balancing one’s ego with the needs of others. The Diamond is a broad concept at this point, so it may be a little tricky to wrap one’s head around. Hope that helps.

  3. Further to above, how do you importantly change your full name in numerology to best match the same birth date? 23 Sept 1970. In this regard, have seen capstone, vowel and consonants impact this too. In addition, the system and process that must be taken with other facts, including the diamond, if applicable. Most appreciative to your input

    • Hi s, while the name may be changed, the birth name’s energies stay with one for the duration of the life even if just a subtle influence. That being said, it is important the full name lines up with the birth date in terms of compatibility, which is further explored in my ebook. In this case, having an 8 or a 1 as a full name number would be advantageous here. A 6 could also work. That being said, the consonants and the vowels should also be compatible with the original birth name as this will create a smooth transition to the new persona. Again this depends on compatibility. The resulting name pinnacle should also be compatible with the birth name. As far as the Diamond goes, this is still an experimental concept as I mentioned but it does introduce new concepts as far as changing names are concerned. I have not gotten that far into the process and so I cannot comment further. Hope that helps.

  4. With this thank you – where I understand, if correct, that:
    – your proposed names’ total score is considered with your life path number from DOB;
    – your soul urge number is considered by any vowel in words of proposed new name with DOB;
    – you yourself only use the Pythagoras alphabet not Chaldean lettering/numbering. And your e/book mentioned is not on your website, yet.

    As well as, the method of Chaldean and Pythagoras presents complete differences. There is no automatic calculator on your site, so manually do.

    For instance, the number 8, 1, or even 6 – for a full name. Therefore, needed to make sure and how to arrive at.

    • Hi s, your first points are correct. However, the primary method of calculation here is Pythagorean at this point in time. Chaldean does things quite differently including interpretation.

      The ebook that I mentioned can be found here:
      This book also uses the Pythagorean system.
      Hope that helps.

  5. Yes, S it’s like the ALP, alternative life path. Chaldean and phy can give us major differences. Maybe someone here can help you more. Cheers

  6. Hola,

    I am not good at figuring out this math could you help me figure out my charts please? This is so incredibly interesting to me. born 07/25/1995 full name Adrianna Eryka Wojtis

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