Update 5

A status update on the Numerology ebook: it is nearly complete, only needing to patch a few potholes, some editing and to secure a publisher. This has lasted longer than I would’ve liked due to a plethora of reasons including a new car purchase, a lengthy illness and other personal troubles. Financial issues have prevented me from opening a business to offer Numerology charts to clients…it is unfortunate, but this will have to be put on the back burner until a solution is found. Instead, I will focus on creating ebooks in the field of Numerology. If my efforts hold, then the first ebook can be ready for next month. Thank you for your patience.

  1. i’m looking forward to the ebook. i would also like to know triple numbers up to at least 130. is there going to be guide or tutorial that teach anyone how to analyse these numbers

    • Hi wi, the triple digit numbers are not explained in detail in the upcoming ebook, only the basics of interpreting said numbers. That being said, there is material planned in the future that explains in detail how these numbers operate. Hope that helps.

  2. Hello Nick, have you considered installing a relatively inexpensive e-commerce platform on your site e.g via payment processor, paypal, etc. You can have the service on your current site. And, orders are linked in with your preferred payment processor.

    I’m sure even a reader who has I.T tech skills or knows of someone could do it for free for you.

    As you do a great thing with this site for so many people.
    Thank you sincerely

    • Hi Harry, this is indeed part of the plan. The ebook and any that may arrive thereafter will be available to be purchased directly from this site. The major barrier to this are tax laws which I’ve been going through. Thank you for your kind words.

  3. A suggestion Nick, may be where people donate to a charitable cause. Hence no tax applies.
    Further, ebooks are only candy for say external sites (publishing sites, even amazon, etc) to point to this site, as an exposure tool linked in url and with reference to a landing page on this site. Where then people will want a personal, real reading of their numbers. As they have read your related ebook.
    Thank you
    Harry Meadowsmith

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