Mind’s Key

The Mind’s Key shows the best way to deal with one’s thoughts: whether to engage or to cast aside. It can show the best way for said thoughts to manifest but this number also shows the dangers they can bring. This is especially true in terms of the ego.

To calculate this number, simply add together the Life Path with the Mind number. In the case of Reginald Regis Scott, his Life Path was calculated to be 39 and his Mind to be 53. Therefore:

39 + 53 = 92/2

92 is a number concerned about mankind. Reginald’s thoughts would likely be drawn into this direction, whether for thinking about their plight or perhaps his relationship with them, harmonious or conflicting. This also indicates that he will have illuminated thoughts that most people will never experience, and the number behind the Key, the 53 will determine how this will be used. In this case there is a tendency to be impulsive, go-getting and somewhat egotistical. What the 92 is saying this context is that perhaps the 53 should keep in mind the greater plight of others. It is not just about the chase or the thrill. There are many subtle realities and understandings that make up the world and not all operate in such a rushed manner. On top of this, it is important to respect the free will of others. 92 is a very karmic number, and the saying “what goes around comes around” applies here. Understanding the law of karma can create more harmonious experiences for the Mind.

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