Heart’s Key

The Heart’s Key is the number that shows the best ways to manifest the desires of the heart on the physical (material) plane. This number can also serve as a warning to show the dangers one’s Heart number may manifest and how to avoid them. Desiring something from life is one thing, but making it work with one’s material life is another.

The Heart’s Key is found by adding one’s Life Path to the Heart number. In the case of Reginald Regis Scott, his Life Path was calculated as 39 and his Heart was calculated to be 353. Therefore:

39 + 35 = 74/2

This number calls for one to be analytical in regards to systems and structures. It will have a deep understanding of the intricacies of life’s patterns, and this can be used for the greater advantage to help other people. Using this knowledge for self gain or deceit will only result in losses. It has a skill to salvage itself out from a bad situation and make use of what is available. That is one of the key messages of this number in this position. Another is to remember to not to lose sight of the forest for its trees. The big picture matters just as much as the smaller. Since the 35 Heart lies behind the 74 Hearts Key, and 35 is a fast moving number, the apparent message is to always dig deeper for anything meaningful and to slow down when meaningful connections are made. This is especially true with the 39 Life Path which has a tendency to glide over the surface of things.

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