This is the last of the compound Master Numbers. It is very misunderstood by others. It is learning to work with the impersonal love of the universe with its own impersonal love of the masses. Its battles are not so much visible with the human eye as are so much played out on the spiritual arena. It seeks to connect to the world with its ideas (18/9) in order to uplift (or control) humanity. It best expresses itself through the artistic mediums, despite the impulse to not personally prostrate itself into the limelight. Often, it wants to show its power to the world without personally being seen as most prefer to work behind the scenes. Congregating all ideas toward it, it wrings them through its presser of understanding and filters out what it desires to share with the masses. Its understanding is so great that they are often seen to be wielding a type of “magic” over others.


One of 99’s key lessons is to let go of all earthly, material attachments so that its love for the all can shine through (-9). Personal relationships and interpersonal love can make this number clingy and possessive from the fear of loss. However, it must not forget that all life is transient and only the oneness remains. The 18/9 aspect of this number is tied in with its possessiveness, or its willing detachment from material life. This detachment can make it very courageous. It confers an artistic genius performing on the grand stage of life, and it can find itself traveling to many areas of the globe, often unexpectedly. It often expresses itself through music as it is the universal language amongst mankind, but it’ll seek and use any language that all can understand. It is a natural healer and may often counsel others with their issues. They sacrifice much of their own selfish interests for those of the masses. However, the reverse is true if their soul is negative and instead seeks to control all life as it knows it. The love behind this number must not be underestimated.

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