This number deals with the spiritual brotherhood of man. It understands that silence is the best communicator of the universe and that words can never fully explain its deep mysteries, but nevertheless it affords unconventional ways of communicating to get its point across. An example is its mimetic expressions that it often employs when it communicates. It is a lover of drama and loves to express this in its day to day affairs. It is the balancing and sharing of natural law with the rest of mankind, and this serves to create deeper connections (17/8) not just within themselves but with the rest of the creation. It creates a vast vision of the inner workings of the universe that only expands over time as its awareness grows. Aware of the more subtle realms of existence, it seeks to communicate its knowledge of awareness to others in various forms. Because of this awareness, it may have difficulty speaking words in childhood. For many people, this number will be difficult to understand.


The vision afforded to this number may make it seem like their own individuality is indifferent to the cosmic whole (-1), and in this mode they become service to others. On the other hand, a selfish soul may pull the opposite and try to use this vision for their own fulfillment, trying to always be the center of attention to influence the thinking of others for its own benefit. Through its never-ending connections to the source, what it must realize is that all is one. The realities previously seen as such become understood as mere illusions to the positively aligned soul, and the illusion becomes the reality to the negative soul. Once it sees the connections between the creation and other people and understands its intermingling, then the illusion of separation is seen for what it is. This allows a near infinite balancing and sharing effect of energy to flow almost unimpeded. Because of the difficulty of expressing these felt concepts into words, it prefers to use thought transference, or telepathy to share its insights. It knows that others will receive them, and the real issue is others understanding them. It wants others to learn and follow the pathway to their own connections to the creation by themselves, preferring to showing them the door instead of being blunt unless absolutely necessary.

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