This number is concerned with the use of spiritual power. It experiences understandings of nature and seeks to use this to further its goals. There is a major danger of using its ego rather than its inner self and this should be avoided at all costs. In other words, it must not play music it does not understand. It must first understand the fundamentals of the music before it can be played harmoniously. Otherwise the laws of karma will make their inner lives miserable and disharmonious in turn. It is greatly sensitive to others and when positive, uses the inner power it acquires to help others. It analyzes and reflects on the power structures of the world and the real tangible benefits they can bring. If their inner powers are used ignobly to the detriment of others, it shall suffer the same fate within. If it seeks to draw a cascade of illusion around another number, than a greater illusion will be drawn around them. There will be great spiritual tests in its use of power within the world.


The use of power brings the danger of becoming insensitive to the wills of others (-2). 97 can become self obsessed with its goals to the point of becoming ignorant of the true opinions of others. In a negative sense it can see others as weak for not using their own powers to save themselves. Positively however, it is more aware of the forces of karma and understands the different levels of awareness that all go through. The problem is the awareness of its intent vis a vis the universal consciousness of the world. Its personal consciousness must be correctly aligned with that of the universal consciousness. It must not fall into the trap of using universal knowledge for its own selfish benefit or brutal personal adjustments (16/7) may result. Essentially, what it comes down to is the alignment of the soul in terms of the use of the spiritual power it inherits. If used negatively, it can become a terrible force in the world to be reckoned with, seeking to prevent knowledge of the inner self and the fundamental laws of nature from being revealed, keeping those in utter darkness while obtaining absolute control over all life. On the other hand, if used positively, it can become a great force of good in the world, seeking to enlighten and empower those to become sovereign entities, answerable only to the creation itself and to no other physical being. In either case, it seeks perfection of this power at any cost.

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