This is an influence that is guided by its emotions and thoughts. It must learn to get a grip on these thoughts vis a vis the reality it lives in. It is very community oriented and is willing to help their fellow men. It can often be gullible and believe what is told to them without question. It is highly sensitive to the invisible, subtle worlds of reality and most of mankind is still awakening to this reality. Hence, it may seem their efforts are wasted. Its biggest hurdle is this lack of understanding from others. It must control its reactions, and serve to explain what they feel in a sense that the other can understand. It is very passionate and loving, and if not so with other people then definitely within their fields of study. They can “marry” their work in this way and become brilliant. It likes to talk about what it loves often (or hates if its negative) but must be careful to not say more than it actually knows. In its thirsting for love, it must be careful not to go too far (15/6) in its explorations and exploitations of others, including being too nosy. Personal boundaries are a must.


Difficulties with self expression is emphasized here (-3) along with the need to keep one’s ego in check. This is because the love that it has is the most loving out of all +6’s and it can be difficult to express on mundane levels. Its environment will be very important as it can influence its behavior, but then again its very presence can influence others and enlighten the consciousness of those around it. This is a great responsibility that is like an invisible burden. The key is to find an outlet for its love, whether in love of a significant other, a hobby or a career that it can pour its love into. When life cannot answer its questions, it often goes to esoteric or metaphysical groups to find something it can identify with. It must learn not to oppose what it needs the most out of fear from being hurt. Insanity is a danger for this number, and it must always keep an eye on its inner core and maintain its stability as all else derives from it. Its emotional vulnerability is constructive in key moments and disadvantageous in others. In other words, the proper use of being vulnerable is another key to its growth.

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