This number experiences what the world has to offer. Its convictions are tied to its ideas of universal knowledge of the universe. One of its key lessons is to find courage within itself. It has many interests that deal with the universal consciousness in one way or another and desires to experience its expressions. It needs to focus on completing one project before moving on. It must truly master something or it’ll be followed by a wide array of shallow interests and unfinished goals. It promotes its abilities and what it knows readily. It is most interested in universal knowledge it can share amongst others. There is a degree of restless than may prevent further study of some interests, but if it can go deeper in understanding then its mastery will become inherent and people will take more interest.


Because of its curiosity, it must organize and discipline itself in order to meet all of its experiences with a level head (-4). Courage is needed to face scary realities ad truths it may come across. Otherwise, internal paralysis results. It is important for this number to remember that its dream is what it is: a dream, and it is not what reality really is. It is excellent in dealing with people as it understands them on a fundamental level. It can have many talents, but will master fewer. This number is concerned with freedom for all things, not just for itself and will demand freedom in every part of its life. It can be pleasure loving, spontaneous and have a natively strong vitality. It must learn to organize all of its experiences together to be able to effectively share them with others. There is a tendency to stay with the herd for support; the fear of loss can be great and better to have others with you than be alone. However, this number shines on its own convictions. When it finds the courage to take life on its own, it can deal with any situation that comes its way.

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