The evolution, completion or regeneration of structures, laws, patterns and paradigms. In the positive sense this number is revolutionary, as it analyzes structure and works to bring about changes that evolve or terminate the structure in order to realign to universal principles. It is creative at its base, and it seeks to learn how to best communicate the vision that it sees into physical reality. The two key words that unlock this number’s potential are “universal harmony” because if it is to be constructive, it must must first understand the principles of universal harmony to keep itself grounded. Otherwise, its life is often ruled by chaos, disorganization and confusion. “A tree is only as strong as its roots” applies to this number. Though it has a tendency to always see the imperfections in everything, it has the ability to keep going despite the losses.


This number lives in seemingly two contradictory worlds: one made of dreams, ideals and visions and the other being material reality and all the details that can be extracted from it. When working in an unnatural state, change and loss follow this number wherever it goes (-5). Disharmony brings aggravation of limits and becoming swept up in the winds of change. This number needs a strong inner discipline if it is to live positively. Above all else, it must remain true to itself and not sacrifice its vision just to see a part of it done in the physical world. This will only result in frustrations. There is a tendency to constantly scrutinize one’s own work, especially after completion of a project. It may even destroy any progress made for not being perfect enough, having to start over. This tendency to self sabotage one’s work must be kept in check. Otherwise, there is a severe lack of productivity and the 94 becomes stuck in dreams believing they could never be made in reality. Its understanding of living in harmony with the universe will help bring their plans to fruition. Even if the physical plane itself is too limiting for the extravagant visions seen, their efforts will still make an impact and be used by others in proportion to the standard of civilization and natural law.

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