The 93 represents the universal creative force put into motion for manifestation. It has a lot of interests and contacts all at once and keeping itself organized, let alone together can be a challenge. It must learn to hone its focus toward constructive efforts. Maintaining the stability of the orbits of its interests is another understanding that comes with time. It is often filled with ideas, its imagination inflated yet can struggle to find an outlet for these ideas. Because of the seeming lack of stability, this number can bring insecurity and much of its potential may be lost, instead wasted on imaginary whims and internal fears. Its dreams become so big that unless there is an equal amount of discipline to materialize them the resulting satisfaction will not be as fulfilling. The dreams it has drive much of its existence, and many of them can become prophetic and fulfilling. When it tries to commit to manifesting said dreams, it is often met with difficulties.


Amid all the seeming possibilities that are seen, the few that are actually worked with require a steady effort to materialize the possibility originally seen. These should be chosen from the heart rather than from an emotional whim (-6), so spiritual philosophies regarding the inner self may be of some help here. Regardless of what is accomplished, it is responsible for the outcome of their projects, whether finished or never begun. Its magnetic qualities should be used positively and its dreams should reflect this as it has a great influence over manifestation. There is always a choice to serve the self or for others here, and sometimes it must make a sacrifice to see others happy and content. Its failures may drive this number to a simple domestic life surrounded by comfort, seeking to avoid its higher potential with distractions. Music is a good avenue for this number, whether simply listening or making their own.

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