This is a number that is illuminated and becomes aware of information that most other people will never see. It is very ahead of the times and is always curious about what will happen in the future. It can be very gentle, sweet and diplomatic with others and can be relied on to diffuse even the most tense situations. It contains a universal understanding of cooperation and cohesion between others and can act as a universal glue in many instances. It is universal love being shared with others on a more intimate scale and is more subtle in its operation. It tries to bring about the cooperation between spirit and matter. It has a great capacity to achieve a high level of awareness of the subtle realities of existence.


Its higher awareness is offset by its more limited ability to implement this awareness in mundane reality. This can cause internalization of this awareness which can lead to many internal disorders (-7). It must find a way to seek a connection between what it is aware of and a way to express this into the mundane. An outlet is vital for this number. This number can very much be like the power behind the throne, for while it may not like to show itself on center stage, it certainly likes to inform and uplift those that do make a difference. Karma and universal justice is very strong with this number, and it must remember to work within natural law or face the consequences. One of its ultimate goals is to blend universal love with personal affection. This can create tensions (11/2) amongst those not ready to receive such energy and understanding, so diplomacy and tact must always be employed to avoid conflicts. This is a very uplifting number that can serve to awaken the human race to greater understandings.

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