91 represents the seed planted into the ground for a new cycle. It is the understanding of the great force of vitality and creation from the womb of the all, and observing and balancing the manifested results. It is extremely creative and showcases this creativity through many forms of art. It can be rather eccentric with its focuses, but it means well. It understands the forces of cause and effect very well and has a strong sense of not just ordinary justice, but universal justice. It has very sharp senses and can see things that others cannot. It tries to strike a balance between the interests of others and that of itself. If it is too selfish, it may suffer from guilt and depression until alleviated through giving.


This number is its own authority and may have issues with the authority of others (-8). It must remember that all life is on its own level and respect is dulled out in proportion to this. It also indicates the balance of polarity: between selflessness and selfishness, specifically the most harmonious use of selfless understanding to be used by the self for the greater whole. It is greatly concerned for universal justice for all and must remember to not exclude anyone or anything due one’s own personal stigmas. Despite its intentions, it can have a hard time dealing with money. This is because materialism for its own sake is not the main focus of this number, despite the monetary society it lives in. With its own knowledge of universal understanding, it strikes out on its own and gauges its successes from the positive or negative feedback from the universe.

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  1. Extremely evil and a cest pool of evil. These people can size up and use it for evil until they cave in on themselves. They need to suck the poison out of their lives by using the higher spiritual laws to guide them

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