In many ways, 90/9 indicates a sense of completion of the cycles before it. This completion contains a little bit of everything, which serves to become the seed for the next cycle of understanding. It is like the gathering of the past into a seed, the container of all possibilities which serves to become the source for the future. It can be all things to all people. It is concerned with universal love and/or wisdom and how to best express this in daily life, whether through physical actions, religious furor, oratorical facilities or other means. It can be self sacrificing in the name of universal love. 90 brings about revelations and unveiling of secrets long kept under wraps in order to draw conclusions. With this number, the true meaning of humility is brought about, and it knows the difference between this and humiliation.


90 is a Decad number, which means its greatest strength is also its greatest weakness. This is akin to the Fool in the Tarot first stepping out into the unknown. Having mastered the 80’s decade, the 90 has found a connection with a higher source and understanding to life. It wishes to express this to understand it further on its own path of evolution. The 90 is naturally giving, understanding the selflessness that really powers this universe, however it seeks to understand the proper use of these energies. As a result it will face both breakthroughs and challenges all at once related to this energy. It tends to be distant on a personal level with others, preferring to remain aloof in order to remain close to the source. This can cause problems with other selves (-9) that it may interact with. It should be noted that 90 is the only compound number outside of the master numbers to have a -9 challenge as it deals with the energies of selflessness directly, unlike the tensions associated with the master numbers. The understanding of being one with the spiritual source makes this number strong in the face of challenges and will serve to protect those it loves.

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