The 84 is a visionary and covers a lot of ground during its life. It is not always practical when it comes to doing what it wants to do however, but this does not stop it from understanding how to get there. Growth and development is slow under this number, having to cover large territory and many details but eventually it reaches its destination. This number can be found in management, where it does well with enforcing the workflow. Growing up may have been difficult, as it learned to work with the limitations that it had/has.




84 must learn to balance working with others and for itself in a structured, material environment. These relations occur within the contexts of rules, structure, limitation and discipline. Strength and effort will be needed to see the way through, and on occasion it may have to do the job itself. The challenges that it will face include a number of fears and apprehensions that may pull it back or make it hesitate from taking action (-4). It may not receive the compensation that it deserves. Others can depend on this number to show up and do the work it needs to do, regardless of most circumstances. It is very organized and likes to plan out the aspects of not only its work but in other areas of its life. It must remember to not overwork and to enjoy what life has to offer. It has an authority that will bring with it many associates, friends and relationships.

    • Hi Carl, a number does not necessarily pertain to the age of a soul, whatever that age might be, but has more to do with indicators of what that experience will be like in that particular area of the chart. Hope that helps.

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