This number is good at hammering out agreements between individuals, corporations or nations. It seeks to establish a common understanding between two parties. Its goal is to unify spiritual power into a cohesive unit and to help sustain it. This unified power is materialized in agreements, contracts, leases and interpretation. This number is also found in law, where disputes are settled in court between plaintiffs and defendants in the presence of a judge. There can be much tension (11) as an agreement or ruling is decided upon, with a common ground being sought after.




83 often finds itself making connections and exchanging information often between parties. This number is involved in covert infiltration in hostile environments where agreements cannot be reached. In these settings, the 83 can become quite clever and cunning. This number works well as an interpreter, making clear the language used between multiple individuals in order create an understanding for all. It is a very good communicator and is savvy with words. It intends to make clear what others may have a hard time understanding. Honesty is very important here and it builds its reputation with it; any form of dishonesty will lead to disastrous results. There is a danger of using this understanding as a form of selfish gain: to lure others into an agreement for its own benefit. The problem is within, succumbing to egotistical desires and sensual lusts (-5). This can only lead to destructive change. It is best that the illusion of ego be conquered beforehand.

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