The integrated self working with detail, which creates a new beginning or a sense of self reliance. It starts to relate to others after overcoming a period of establishing itself as an integrated, accountable being. These relations create realities that may or may not be what things actually are, and these are tested time and again, like bubbles floating and bursting. The key is staying true to one’s self. It is only the end of the world if you believe it is. The balanced 82 knows ascension happens step by step in a gradual process. It is a discreet leadership that is not bombastic or showy, but shows its worth through its efficient actions.




This is one of the best business numbers as the drive for self initiative is in endless supply here, along with the capabilities of working with and managing others. Its attention to detail is sure to make them succeed in life and bring them far from where they started. Greed must be kept in check however, otherwise it can easily dictate its policies, and the sense of always having to get more than they actually need (-6). The problematic areas of life tend to stem from the personal levels where relationships may be challenging for them. In particular, balancing the need to have business engagements with that of heartfelt emotional connections with a loved one is the issue. If the latter is neglected, then either his number goes through a string of relationships or simply has none at all. This number often receives a form of inheritance, whether through the death of loved ones or through their business associations. Life can be difficult if the illusions of the reality of their relationships are not perceived, and they later burst leaving them with nothing.

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