The self, seeking to further integrate itself establishes its identity in this new decade of numbers. With a newly built discipline, it tries to keep itself independent and afloat via will power and determination. It conjures a sense of authority on those people around it. This can lead to aggressiveness and even violence if it does not keep its integrity in check. A very large amount of work forces the self to make decisions and to take the lead to see the situation resolved. It can have a sense of humor to offset the stress and seriousness. It has a strong attraction to money and the power that it brings.




For this number to remain balanced, it must be spiritually motivated (-7) with its actions and goals. It has a strong power of regeneration that it can use to help others. Conflict easily arises with this number, however it is the decisions that it makes that will determine the outcome and whether it’ll grow from it or not. While it has the courage and the organization, it doesn’t have the structure that it needs to “keep dry.” This structure can be built with the help of relatives and loved ones, as relationships are one of its fortes. With a framework, it can move forward and its rebirths wont be as painful as they once were. It must be careful not to become discriminatory against anything but to remain marketable and attractive instead. Its anxiety is under control and its imagination is disciplined to the point of being fruitful and productive. It can be impulsive and should look before it leaps into a new situation. Ends occur from new ideas: it should learn to let go of the old and make way for the new.

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