80 is the first number of the 80’s decade, and thus represents the studious 7 first stepping into the world of accountability, achievement, effort, respect and karma. It seeks to establish a connection of power between itself and other people, places and things. This connection is the result of the spiritual understanding of exchange. It is granted to it a great vision that at first it has a hard time controlling. As a result, an uncontrolled imagination erupts. The need for a great amount of self discipline first presents itself here to keep together or lose itself to whims that can inevitably destroy it once the bills arrive.




80 is a Decad Number, being the first number of a decade. As such, venturing into this new energy, its greatest strength is also its greatest weakness. One cannot assume with this number, cannot assume protection over one’s self, assume their integrity, assume their luck. The concept of earning is introduced here. It is not enough to merely know something. Such knowledge must be demonstrated to show that it is understood. This helps them develop into a more noble character as they begin to see the value of such traits. Its determination should help it learn to harness this energy. Reaching for success by ulterior motives will earn them actions of like kind against them. It is good at making sound decisions and has an ability to lead others. It should not enter situations that it cannot control. Over all it must strive to retain its integrity, which is the vital ingredient for its success. If it is lost, then its balance with natural law is also lost. It gains great abundance in life, in which it must discipline itself to its correct and balanced usage.

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