The seeker of truth tested in power, a spiritualist called to serve the people in a capacity. Having learned the knowledge it sought in 78, the spiritual seeker now learns how to best wield the power that knowledge has brought. This number has a very intense inner life that can cause much tension if not properly harmonized and balanced. It learns to work within the difference between being “with” people or being “of” people. This power can extend to the social, political, spiritual or other areas of life where it feels it has the power to help others see an understanding it has learned. This number, however, is not easy to live with.




79 often causes tumultuous troubles and upsets, having a 16 within its calculation (7+9=1+6=7). This number thus rules saints or sinners, and the value of their actions are brought upon them in like kind. If their actions are holistic, constructive and balanced then they are rewarded with help from others or from the hidden realities. However, if power is used for toxic and selfish goals, then illness and sickness may develop. Negative energies are best to be avoided as it is very sensitive to its environment (-2). Being diplomatic and compromising with others is a skill that is learned over time, oftentimes the hard way. This number is persistent in understanding every last detail of whatever it decides to study. It must remember that its power should be used for the benefit of the whole, and not just for itself or a small few. You are not afraid to make sacrifices in order to achieve a goal, knowing how transient the material realm is. There is a danger of becoming a martyr for a cause. Ultimately, 79 works to break down old structures to rebuild again based upon spiritual law.

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