The spiritual seeker testing its found power onto the material realm. This number is like testing one’s spiritual power and having a higher power respond in like kind, showing the way to full understanding. It leads the 7 to further search within its emotional self (6) to find and remedy any mistakes that may have manifested out of misunderstanding. The accumulated understanding of the 77 is present here as many 78’s are very wise beyond their years. They often accumulate stores of knowledge (7) that have an immense worth (8) and this is used to further 78’s own research into a field that it did not yet know (6).




The 78 likes to work on its own or with a small group of people and is typically private, not interested in controlling others. It is often interested of the concepts of life and death and how both play into each other. It will work to gain a skill in a certain area to master it, and they may become well known for whatever discipline they take up. This number must be careful that it does not become totally self absorbed and closed off from others (-1). Insensitivity may be a problem. The law of cause and effect is in full force with this number, both the spiritual and material aspects of it and this will help expand their inner awareness. They’re relationships may alter between that of compassion and mental connection of others. It should use its understanding to study the deep interconnections made between itself and others, as it is here that many of the causes and effects of life are found. 78 has a strong sense of truth and justice and it should use this for the betterment of the whole.

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