77/5 is a Master Number as they are often called throughout Numerology. However, Master Numbers are often mistaken in understanding, with many thinking that by simply having one in a chart, it destines them for greatness. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and the number 77 is perhaps the best Master Number to exemplify this. The voice that tells us the “power” of Master Numbers is a loud and obnoxious call that can only have its origin from the ego. The ego, being a false self does not really exist and it is this aspect that separates the positive 77’s from the negative and more importantly, the balanced. This number looks seeks spiritual power that, depending upon the above ego issues may be used to better humankind or be used for its own selfish gain




It also depends if they cheese to follow their core self or just their minds, as the latter will often leave much to be desired. The former will being an energy onto the physical plane that few can channel. They are highly psychic by nature and these abilities grow as they get older, and further compound when they awaken to their spiritual selves. They may use their skills in one of the healing disciplines, or they could use their deep understanding to help better the world in an area it feels needs help. This number is independent and prefers to work alone, and although it can mingle with people, it is not necessarily “social.” 77 is obsessed with a sort of mastery at a specific discipline and not to let itself fall behind by distractions. In times of change and revolution, this number is one of the paramount movers and many look to it for guidance in building the next society. Once awakened, it has a great power of physically manifesting the spiritual. As it masters the depths of spiritual understanding, it must learn to curb its seeming frustration to manifest this in everyday life. With understanding, it may learn to eventually do this.

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