Mind and emotions, the analytic and the family man. This can be a complex energy to deal with. It is fond of learning, although it doesn’t always understand everything it comes across. At its core, it seeks to make its spiritual principles manifest into the practical. It may have a hard time with this as humanity in general has a harder time dealing with the truth to things. 76 is fond is philosophy and likes to test these principles in the mundane world. It must be careful not to let their beliefs make them become dogmatic in nature. Confrontations are possible unless it learns to respect the wills and opinions of others.




This number has managerial abilities and can be excellent at organization. However, it must be careful that it is not manipulated by others. It must stand up for itself (-1) and not cave into cowardice or lack of self confidence. Once it secures itself, it can begin any project that aligns with its spiritual principles and keep focused to create the perfected vision of said principles. To do this, it must first build a bridge between the spiritual and the mundane to carry across these ideas. From there, it can begin to remove the old ways of life and choose for itself new ways of living. It is a quiet worker that plods along with his/her tasks and is not afraid to work hard to get there, but should not overwork and allow time for rest. While 76 is humble, it should be careful that it does not use this ability to cover its cowardice and other fears. It should take advantage of its organizational abilities. When expected gains to not happen, it can become confrontational with others. It must learn to compromise.

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