The stable introspective 7 meets the restless and ever-changing 5. This is a number that does not have simple solutions, but must make a plan and stick to it to see the results. They are analytical and like to communicate their findings to others. The environment where it lives can be a bit of a challenge at first, but with effort and determination it can find a pleasant place to live. They have a tendency to talk too much, although they are exceptional at the world of ideas. It takes a persistent amount of effort to get what they really want in life.




It is philosophical in its nature and likes to express that with others. Holding its own relations in this regard can be a bit of a challenge (-2), albeit more challenging when facing the forces of entropy. However, it has a certain ambition that can see it through: it must learn to channel it toward constructive methods. Through determination you can climb your way to a higher status in life, although unexpected changes are to be expected. It must be careful not to worry so much about money, whether how to best spend it or the lack thereof. Material things do not feed the soul, spiritual truths do. A balance between positivity and negativity can lead to spiritual nourishment. A part of this comes through stimulating conversations with others and exploring concepts not yet touched. Any mental exploration that makes a positive effect on the life should take focus and worked with. This number is almost always abundant with something, even if it does not seem to be obvious to itself. It is this abundance that should be used to great effect.


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