Month: July 2016


Is it wise to keep doing what we are doing? What could be improved upon? Facing situations that draw such questions creates wisdom, which the 54 appreciates. [...]


This number moves, and it moves fast. It does not like to slow down for anyone or anything unless someone else gives them a good reason to. It pitches, it [...]


The freedom loving and adventurous 5 combines with the sticky, touchy freely and detail-oriented 2. Where the 5 loves movement, action and change, the 2 is [...]


The adventurous 5 seeks to establish its identity, its independence in the world. It realizes that in order to begin understanding the laws of change, one must [...]


50 represents the great plunge into fundamental change, fluidity, experience, sensuality and especially learning. It has the strength and discipline to survive [...]


This can be a very hectic number. It regularly embraces revolutionary ideas that may or may not change its entire structure. It has a need to be of service to [...]


The 48 is an easy number when it comes to work and routine, but it also represents the worker successfully reaching an achievement or goal, or making a [...]


This is a number immersed in details. The analytical worker, structural analysis, matter and spirit are some ways to look at this number. It digs down to the [...]


This number is independent: it knows what it wants and is not afraid to go get it. It is the result of an accumulation of experiences that, upon witnessed [...]


45 is a number that is synonymous with the worker undergoing personal growth, and all that entails. That's not to say it is in no way mystical: 45 has definite [...]