Month: July 2016


The emotional self meets limitation, hard work and effort. It will need initiative, impulse and some confidence to set the record straight and make it on its [...]


The responsible, ethical and emotional self seeks expression, companionship and to experience the joie de vivre. True companionship is not found through the [...]


The number of responsibility, morality and ethics (6) meets the number of cooperation, detail and illusion (2). As neither of these numbers have the male [...]


61 is like a cunning fox, sneaky and knowledgeable of paths and roots that few know about. It is the emotional self obtaining the will power to move forward, [...]


The emotional self is the primary focus of the 60's decade, along with its attributes: responsibility, morality, ethics and most of all, love. The self [...]


This number can be as slippery as an eel and hard to hold on to. In fact, its hard to hold onto anything with 59, but that's not its focus. It is a traveler [...]


The versatile and skillful 5 meets with the number of achievement and accountability. 58 can have a slower pace than the other numbers of the 50's decade, [...]


The traveler and explorer (5) dives into its inner self (7) to learn how to open its heart up to others (3). This number is unconventional to begin with [...]


Coming out of the turmoil of the 55, the 56 seeks balance and tranquility. What this means for them may differ for other people, so a sense of diplomacy and [...]


This is the fifth "Master Number," or "Illusion Number" as they are called in Nick's Numerology. This number moves and moves fast, but unlike the 53 it is not [...]