The mystical self meets the practical. The spiritual meets the mundane. Analysis meets structure. Both 7 and 4 are heavily focused on detailed work, albeit for different reasons. When the analyst meets practical reality, their ideas become tested with the laws of nature. This can create difficulties, particularly with finances. However, such seeming limitations are there to test the spiritual self in its inspiration and its ability to pierce through illusions and false realities in order to arrive at the truth of matters. Because of the amount of material to work with, this can seem to be a slow, plodding number when in reality much data is being processed quickly.




Because of being swamped inside so many structural details, its skills will be tested on the social front (-3). It must be careful to not work too much and learn how to relax. Balance is a key word for this number on multiple fronts, including talents, emotions, responsibilities and relationships. Karma is also strong here. It is important to first give in order to receive. Otherwise, too much self focus will have one receive the same in return and disorders can develop. Dishonesty and “cheating the system” will result in losses and inauspicious life circumstances. It is spontaneous and quick to act and is not afraid to make peace when necessary. 74 has a skill to salvage what it can from difficult or lost situations and make the best out of what is left.


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