The mystical self focuses on expression and creativity, giving it a new sense of individuation and independence (1). This number is highly adept at writing and uses it to express its concepts to others. It lives between the extremes of mundane reality and spiritual reality. Oftentimes the enticement of material reality can lead it down a path of temptations, which in the end would only lead to ruin and poverty. The key to avoiding this negative path is wisdom and seeking the light within one’s self. It is best to work for the deed itself rather than just for selfish accomplishment. A constant focus on materiality is not healthy for this number: it must look within itself to find the right path to take.




This number prefers to work alone as it has their own vision and directive of what it wishes to accomplish and convey. It may follow its own pondering or may follow the teachings of others, from which it serves as a channel to spread such information to the masses. It is great at interpreting and translating foreign concepts into practical expression. 73 is one of the compound numbers that can help make the world a better place, but only if it follows its own inner leanings. Full dependence upon an exterior source can lead to unemployment, poverty and instability (-4). It must use its inner philosophy to weave its way through material reality all the while avoiding the pitfalls of egocentricity. They can obtain leadership in their fields with their inner faith and productive work ethics. Relationships can be problematic for this number, as it either does not like to rely on others or they become overly dependent to the detriment of their own selves.

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