The spiritual self meets the energies of gestation, cooperation and interrelation. This can be a hectic number. One moves internally focused on itself and the other moves externally focused on others. Here, aspects of reality may be discovered to be illusions, leading to conclusions and ending along with knowledge and wisdom (9). Actions done without the consideration of others are reprimanded under this number, if not with law disputes then with the force of karma. Since the 7 is focused on its own inner reality, it often does not see the needs of others, hence the conflicts. The whole point is for the spiritual self to become aware of the spiritual needs of others.




To understand their needs, one may have to sacrifice (9) their own time and attention for them. Such occurrences may happen seemingly randomly, but the important trait to control is rigidity (-5) toward them. Being flexible for others is a lesson for this number, and this is often dictated by the spiritual values of both. What was found within may be treasured and coveted and there may be a refusal to let go, leading to further rigidity. If the values are held on beyond their “expiration date,” or in other words beyond their usefulness, then inauspicious events occur in the daily life to uproot them. This can cause much frustration. It is better to work with others in order to see possible insights for the reasons why wealth is clung onto. Negatively, this clinginess leads to laziness and none of their projects get done. They refuse to listen to any suggestions and stick by what they have and what they know; they do not change for the better. It must also be careful that it means what it says, as their speech may contradict their actions, aka hypocrisy.

  1. Now I know this website is propaganda. Nice work Dan Martin. I’m a hypocrite and need to be punished? Ah, right, four years of torture….

    • I’m not Dan Martin, and neither do I know who he is. However, it sounds like your ego didn’t like my description. That’s fine, very typical of negative 72’s to get overly angry about little things. I have a relative that’s also a 72 which had the same problems. Thanks for commenting.

      • I really value this insight, and I find your critical depiction of 72/9 to be quite helpful to me. Upon calculating my life path number with the ALP method you posted about, I found my ALP to be 72/9, instead of the common method result of 31/4. While the 4 makes sense to me, the 9 seems to make even more sense when I analyze my current strengths and weaknesses. If you have any more advice on how to expel the negative energy (-5) and how to embody the positive energy (+9) please reply with some tips. My overall gut-feeling is that I should stop over-analyzing and taking things so seriously, and that I should focus more so on the needs/desires of others while maintaining my own inner balance. Thank you for your insightful blog! 🙂 Your message in this post has truly come to me at a time that I needed it.

        • Hi Joi, the 72 can be a rather slippery number because its crown and root are both numbers that tend to let go of things easily, whether willingly or unwillingly. The aspiration here is to be giving to others for the sheer joy of making them happy rather than looking at it as a necessary sacrifice. This number can bring deep insights that will take some courage (-5) to understand and walk through, otherwise it can result in addictions and other self-distracting behavior. 72 must be careful about the fear of letting go because this can destroy them if they let it. “Change is the only constant” vibrates well with this number. Instead of avoiding the seeming destructive undercurrent of -5, it is better to embrace change (instead of fearing it) and know that the Creator has its own plan. I hope that helps you further. I’m glad to be of service.

  2. A 7/2 is filled with a ton of people who have bad relationships where they get screwed. The 7/2 have a gentle nature to them, and dont respect hose who are lazy. They are aloof to other behaviors and motives from the 7 in their numerology.

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