The spiritual self meets the number of independence, originality and ideas. In the positive, 71 is a independent number with a great sense of inner security. It is expanding itself into spiritual insights that can be used on the material realm. There is a need to balance the tendency for aloneness and for working within the world. Aloneness allows this number to tap into the higher consciousness, which then can be used to bring to physical reality. This number can be forceful in its work. It wants to see constructive accomplishments and is not afraid to work hard to see them done. This is indeed one of the workaholic numbers.




71 is a hard worker and can work so much that it can forget to take time off for vacations. It needs to balance its sense of dedication, honor and commitment (-6) to healthy levels. Security is a priority, whether that be internally or externally. It needs to learn to open its emotional self at the proper moments. Not doing so leads to selfishness and narrow understanding. This number is frugal and does not like to live extravagantly, despite any fortunes it might accrue. When insecure, it wants information that is absolutely solid with no chance of it being ridiculed. There is a strong fear of being fooled from believing in falsified evidence, and many irrational actions can stem from this, including denial. It must make a meaningful spiritual connection to its own inner self in order to feel secure. Analysis and research from the prior number 70 helps in this experience. The spiritual connection to one’s self dictates the health of one’s exterior reality. If this number does not connect with itself, it can be harsh and demanding to others. It can become insensitive to emotion and be like a steamroller, plowing its way to material success at the expense of the emotions of others.

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