This is the first number of the 70’s decade. The previous experiences in life that uncovered the deep emotional self uncovers an inner world not previously seen, and this inner reality urges one to go within themselves and forsake the outer world to better understand who they are. They like to spend time in solitude to understand this new sense of awareness. There is a great sensitivity with this number which further pushes it into solitude, as the everyday reality of others can become a burden and even an annoyance from an awareness of subtle energies that others cannot sense. It has come to the point of trying to find the truth, the truth of their reality and the truth of themselves.




70 is one of the Decad Numbers, where the main focus is on its own inner self and of the everything and nothing of existence. Being the first foray into a decade of numbers, it tries to understand the new energies that it is now working with. As a result, Decad Numbers’ greatest strength are also their greatest weakness. It learns as it goes along. This number may want to help others after discovering aspects of a truth that could benefit others. It is mental, spiritual, intuitive and may/may not be religious. It has a tendency to be overly serious. Relaxation in the form of mind clearing exercises can greatly help this number. It can be critical with the details of its analysis, to the point where a minor error can trigger it into a sea of irrational emotion. Self-criticism can help stem this tendency. 70 is skilled with using its mind over matter, but its control is rigid rather than flexible and whole. Power abuse is another danger to 70, who may see others as incompetent and may try to take advantage. This can only lead to situations that will lead them back into themselves in the end. The world is not so black and white. One of the common drives of the 70 is its vision for a utopian society, and it is this vision that can drive it to social circles It is best to remember that its vision of perfection is not the only one, and that all other visions are allowed their own path. “Let go and let God” vibrates with this number.

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