The emotional self meets the selfless compassion that is the 9. This number has a very sharp mind and when focused, is creative in all of its endeavors. It works within a discipline that it strives to master, usually something that concerns others. The work that it does is solid and benefits humanity, however they tend not to be in the spotlight and prefer to remain low key. They must be careful not to get themselves stuck in modicums of idealistic fantasies and remember to keep themselves practical if they wish to succeed. This number must keep itself centered, otherwise it can become overloaded and descend into chaos and confusion.




69 is the first compound number with a transitional root of 15 (6+9=15=6). Given what has been said of the number 15 earlier, this number can be like a vacuum, sucking in material possessions in order to fill a void, resulting in greed, selfishness and other negative emotions including substance abuse. However, the opposite occurs in the positive, and when the 69 has a healthy image of itself (-3), then it radiates outward, giving to mankind what it feels will help make the world a better place. Toning down one’s sense of perfection will help this number to accept itself by weeding out those ideas that are impossible to manifest in practical reality. The difference between caring an overcaring is also emphasized with this number, the former healthy to a point and the latter not healthy. If something needs to be let go, it is better to let it go than to hold on, which leads to more difficulties than they’re worth. When it radiates outward, it attracts the luxury that is found within themselves, which in some sense could be seen as a preview to the 70’s decade.


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