68 represents the harvest as a result from choices rooted in responsibility, relationships and morality. This can create unexpected changes and losses, but also a skill in promotion and marketing as this number instinctively understands people and their minds. It is quick, impulsive and works best in the business world. It is interconnected and has many contacts in business as well as in the personal life. It has a tendency to be strong in materialism and likes to buy aesthetically pleasing items for their home, often times the best things money can buy. Rampant materialism can often turn them into snobs, especially if they only see their own “glorious” image.




This number is concerned about its social and economic status (8) in relation to others (-2). his can result in the acquisition of goods or just the opposite, complete loss of status and descendence into poverty. To meet this balancing (-2) challenge, the proper ways to give and receive in relation to their actual assets must be learned. 68 must be realistic in its expectations and not obtain items or relationships it cannot afford. It likes to socialize and connect with others, and they are known to have a great sense of humor. It is generally low key in its activities as it does not want to be scrutinized for behaviors that may or may not be acceptable. Big home projects or expenses fall under this number, such as renovations or buying a boat for the holidays. If materialism is not a focus, then 68 tends to have large families. When balanced, they are hard working and faithful if it feels it’ll help suit their cause. In fact, they can become married to their work instead to their loved ones if they do not watch out. Its spontaneity often gets itself out of tricky situations, and also helps to propel it in the business world. It must must learn to find a proper outlet for its anger.

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